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  • Aaron Held (Imperial College, London), 07/2020 (web seminar)
    Effective asymptotic safety and its predictive power: Gauge-Yukawa theories
  • Jerzy Lewandowski (University of Warsaw), 06/2020 (web seminar)
    Non-singular Kerr-NUT-de Sitter spacetimes
  • Alessia Platania (Universität Heidelberg), 06/2020 (web seminar)
    From renormalization group flows to cosmology
  • Anupam Mazumdar (Universität Groningen), 05/2020 (web seminar)
    Witnessing Quantum Gravity via Spin Entanglement
  • Nicola Pinamonti (Università degli Studi di Genova), 02/2020
    project collaboration
  • Karl-Henning Rehren (Universität Göttingen), 02/2020 (RTG Kickoff Meeting Bad Kösen)
    String-localized QED
  • Stefan Theisen (AEI Golm), 02/2020 (RTG Kickoff Meeting Bad Kösen)
    The Weyl anomaly and some of its uses
  • Pascal Fries (Universität Würzburg), 02/2020
    Modular Theory and Entanglement in Quantum Field Theory / Entanglement for the Chiral Fermion CFT
  • Oscar Campos Dias (University of Southampton), 01/2020
    Strong Cosmic Censorship
  • Uwe R. Fischer (Seoul Nat. University), 01/2020 (RTG Workshop “Modern Aspects of Quantum Field Theory”)
    Experimental Quantum Cosmology: Probing Analogue Trans-Planckian Physics in Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensates
  • Abdel N. Tawfik (Nile Univ. / FIAS Frankfurt), 01/2020 (RTG Workshop “Modern Aspects of Quantum Field Theory”)
    SU(3) and SU(4) Polyakov linear-sigma model calculations im mean-field approximation and optimized perturbation theory at vanishing and finite temperature, density, magnetic field and isospin asymmetry
  • Stefan Flörchinger (Universität Heidelberg), 01/2020 (RTG Workshop “Modern Aspects of Quantum Field Theory”)
    Quantum fields, quantum information and fluids
  • Björn Garbrecht (TU München), 01/2020 (RTG Workshop “Modern Aspects of Quantum Field Theory”)
    Quantum Field Theory in Curious Backgrounds
  • Pedro Liendo (DESY Hamburg), 01/2020 (RTG Workshop “Modern Aspects of Quantum Field Theory”)
    The bootstrap approach to field theory
  • Andreas Schmitt (Univ. Southampton), 01/2020 (RTG Workshop “Modern Aspects of Quantum Field Theory”)
    Dense matter in the QCD phase diagram and in neutron stars
  • Bianca Dittrich (Perimeter Intitute Waterloo), 01/2020 (RTG Workshop “Modern Aspects of Quantum Field Theory”)
    Quantum Space Time Engineering
  • Michal Heller (AEI Golm), 01/2020 (RTG Workshop “Modern Aspects of Quantum Field Theory”)
    Gravity, QUANTUM FIELDS and Information
  • Aleksi Kurkela (CERN / Univ. Stavanger), 01/2020 (RTG Workshop “Modern Aspects of Quantum Field Theory”)
    Matter in the extreme - form colliders to neutron stars
  • Lavinia Heisenberg (ETH Zürich), 01/2020 (RTG Workshop “Modern Aspects of Quantum Field Theory”)
    Fundamental properties of Gravity
  • Denes Sexty (Universität Wuppertal), 01/2020 (RTG Workshop “Modern Aspects of Quantum Field Theory”)
    Non-real actions and the QCD sign problem
  • Krzyzstof Cichy (Adam Mickiewicz University), 01/2020
    Tensor network methods for lattice gauge theories
  • Domenico Logoteta (Pisa University), 12/2019
    Microscopic equation of state of hadronic matter for neutron stars
  • Christoph Kopper (CPHT, Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau cedex, France), 12/2019
    Flow equations in the mean field limit
  • Peter Millington (University of Nottingham), 12/2019
    Screened fifth forces and discrete symmetry breaking
  • Mohammed Anber (Lewis & Clark College, Portland), 10-11/2019
    Anomalies in QFT (3 lectures)
  • René Sondenheimer (Graz U), 11/2019
    The Fröhlich-Morchio-Strocchi mechanism beyond the standard model
  • Abhirup Ghosh (AEI, Potsdam), 11/2019
    Tests of Foundamental Physics with Gravitational Waves
  • Christian D. Glattli (Université Paris-Saclay), 11/2019
    The Nano-electronics Group at IRAMIS/SPEC
  • Sylvain Carrozza (Perimeter Institut, Waterloo), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    The melonic large N limit: from SYK to tensor field Theory
  • Lukas Janssen (TU Dresden), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Dualities in field theories for condensed matter
  • Tomas Brauner (University of Stavanger), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Topological crystalline phase in nuclear Matter under strong Magnetic fields
  • Esperanza Lopez (UAM / CSIC Madrid), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Tensor renormalization group in Bosonic field theories
  • Jens Braun (TU Darmstadt), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Thermodynamics of Polarized Fermions
  • Andreas Läuchli (Universität Innsburck), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Computational Spectroscopy of Quantum Critical Points
  • Andrej Alexandru (George Washington University), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Finite density simulations for strongly interacting field theories
  • Mari-Carmen Bañuls (MPQ München), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Tensor Networks as numerical Tools for QFT
  • Stefano Carignano (Universitat de Barcelona), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Crystalline chiral condensates In dense quark matter
  • Bernd Rosenow (Universiät Leipzig), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Dynamics on the edge: charge fractionalization and anyonic Exclusion
  • Marc Wagner (Universiät Frankfurt), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Lattice investigation of an inhomogeneous phase of the 2+1-dimensional Gross-Neveu model in the limit of infinitely many flavors
  • Tamaz Khundzhua (Lomonosov Moscow State University), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Dualities and inhomogeneous phases in dense quark matter with chiral and isospin imbalances in the framework Of effective model
  • Andreas Schmitt (Southampton University), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Dense nuclear and quark matter from holography
  • Mithat Ünsal (North Carolina State University), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Quantum distillations, semi-classics and mixed anomalies
  • Johannes Knaute (Albert Einstein Institut, Potsdam-Golm), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    From spin chains to real-time thermal field theory Using tensor networks
  • Riccardo Martini (Okinawa Institute if Science and Technology), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    A Curvature Bound from Gravitational Catalysis
  • Shouryya Ray (TU Dresden), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Spontaneous symmetry breaking in 4-Fermi theories of Gapless fermions with quadratic dispersion in (2+1)D
  • Phillip Lakaschus (Goethe Universität Frankfurt), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Competition of inhomogeneous chiral phases with homogeneous 2SC phases in low-energy models of QCD
  • Sajid Ali (Universität Münster), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    Ward identities and baryonic states in N=1 SUSY Yang-Mills theory on the lattice
  • Jan Mandrysch (Universität Leipzig), 11/2019 (SIFT Workshop)
    The necessity of indefinite metric Hilbert spaces in Covariant Gauges of QED
  • Christopher J. Fewster (University of York), 10/2019
    Singularity theorems with weakened energy hypotheses inspired by QFT
  • Igor Böttcher (Maryland U), 10/2019
    Quantum Simulation of Hyperbolic Space with Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics: From Graphs to Geometry
  • Mikhail Plyushchay (Universidad de Santiago de Chile), 10/2019
    project collaboration